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The Nevada Society of Professional Investigators (NSPI) was formed to preserve and ensure the integrity of Private Investigators licensed in Nevada.

Nevada Laws for Private Investigators

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In keeping with its mission, the Society monitors all legislative activity pertaining to private investigations and participates in all meetings held by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board. The Society takes an active role in reporting and assisting in the prosecution of unlicensed activity occurring in Nevada. The Society meets regularly to exchange ideas, discuss proposed and pending legislation, and enact guidelines to improve our profession.




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Why Join the NSPI?

The Nevada Society of Professional Investigators was formed to preserve the rights of Nevada’s investigators through uniform standards, procedures and interpretation of the law. Members of the board attend all PILB meetings and workshops and represent the issues that impact its members. In addition, NSPI carefully monitors existing and proposed legislation and its impact on its members and the citizens of Nevada.

NSPI works closely with the PILB monitoring unlicensed activities, licensing issues and other matters that members request.

NSPI participates in PILB committees to improve rules and regulations that protect investigators and citizens of Nevada.


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